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Vinyl Toolkit Deluxe

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Handy toolkit for if you regularly work with vinyl. Hobby projects with vinyl sometimes require a lot of precision. Cutting out designs, fine-tuning to apply the smallest details, putting your design on a heat press... This tool set makes it really easy. The set contains everything you need to get the most out of your vinyl projects. Read more
  • Luxury toolkit for hobby projects with vinyl
  • Contains 7 different tools
  • Handy if you are working with a Heat Press Machine

Product description: Vinyl Toolkit Deluxe

Toolkit with 7 different tools for vinyl projects. Makes working with vinyl a lot easier!

Toolkit for vinyl projects

You only know you missed this set once you have it! This toolkit is a real must-have for anyone who often works with vinyl projects. The material is versatile, but also prone to mistakes. One wrong cut and you can start all over again with your design. This set allows you to work much more precisely. You receive a total package of no less than 7 different tools, each with its own function.

The 7 different tools

  • Tweezers - Grab the smallest pieces of vinyl to apply fine details
  • Spatula - Lift your design safely off the surface without damaging it
  • Hook - Remove excess vinyl without touching the surrounding material
  • Knife - Easily make cuts or indentations in the vinyl
  • Scraper - Remove air bubbles and unevenness after applying vinyl
  • Scissors - Cut into your material
  • Ruler - Work accurately and with straight lines before cutting or trimming

Tools for heat press

After using this tool set once you will already notice the difference. Working with vinyl or HTV Sheets is easier, faster and much more precise. And that's not superfluous, when you consider that a vinyl print with the Mini Heat Press lasts more than 50 washes! So you need to be able to look at it for a while, and a failed design because you made a mistake is a shame. This tool set prevents mistakes, makes working with vinyl much easier and it is also fun to be able to work with all kinds of tools!

In the package

  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 1 x Spatula
  • 1 x Hook
  • 1 x Knife
  • 1 x Scraper
  • 1 x Scissors
  • 1 x Ruler

Product specifications

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Hobby projects with vinyl

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Vinyl Toolkit Deluxe



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