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Are you always fidgeting, scribbling all kinds of self-conceived doodles and getting an itch when you have a crisp, new, bright white notebook in front of you? Then scrapbooking and journaling is for you. Read more

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What is scrapbooking? 

The literal translation of "scrapbook" is scrapbook. Scrapbooking hobbyists record their memories and other concoctions in a special scrapbook. This is not just a scrapbook where a number of photos are stuck stacato next to each other. Scrapbooks are real works of art that require much more than a stack of photos and some glue. Scrapbooking is the art of turning a page into a cheerful whole, while actually gluing, writing and tinkering with everything. You use stickers, self-cut paper figures, special inks and matching pens and markers. 

What is journaling? 

Journaling, or keeping a bullet journal, is a fun way of keeping an agenda, notebook, to-do list and diary all in one. With a bullet journal you can do anything and you can develop your own style. Carefully choose beautiful paper, determine what kind of sheets you need, what the ratio of text and images and decorations will be, and we could go on like this for a while. The great thing about a bullet journal is that you can make it as crazy as you want. And a bullet journal is also a good way to clear your head. You write everything down and bring structure to it. 

What is a bullet journal suitable for? 

You can write anything you want in a bullet journal. We'll make a few suggestions. For example, you can keep a spread (two pages) per week, leaving space for notes and concoctions. You can then embellish these with stickers, stamps and other decorations. You can also set aside pages for weekly, monthly or annual goals. That is very motivating. You can also write down a bucket list and fun lists of, for example, your favourite restaurants. 

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