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You think you have just made a unique purchase, that one pair of trousers that really seem to be made for you... Then you see half the village walking around with them. Not as unique as you thought, after all. Now, if you buy your clothes from the better-known shops in the Netherlands, it is already a challenge to be truly unique. If you are looking for an original creation that you are sure no one else has, you should try a different approach. Make your own clothes! Read more

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Getting started with DIY textile projects

Are you going to work with textiles and paint yourself? Then the most obvious first step is to decorate a small piece of clothing. A T-shirt, for example, that you bought for a few euros and on which you can indulge guilt-free. Especially if you're just starting out and have no experience with textile DIY, it's a good idea to practice a bit first. It can be quite a challenge to achieve exactly the effect you had in mind. So it's a good idea not to immediately dip your most expensive trousers in paint, or to give luxury hotel bedding a new colour. Test it out first and then you are ready for the real thing.

Different textile dyeing techniques

Tired of white bedding? Then you can go all out and dye the whole piece of fabric a solid colour. To do this you need to use fabric dye. For larger projects such as these, there are fabric dyes that you can put in the washing machine. These are tablets or powders that will have turned your 'wash' into the desired colour after one wash. Would you rather paint patterns on your clothes, cushion covers or other smaller pieces of fabric? Then the Crafts & Co Tie Dye products are all you need. You can work with these paints freehand or with stencils.

Which fabrics can be dyed with textile dyes?

All natural fabrics are suitable for dyeing at home. Think, for example, of garments and other objects made of 100% cotton, rayon or silk. Mixed fabrics are also usually suitable for textile DIY projects. Examples are polyester blends and, for example, trousers made of a silk/linen blend. Synthetic fabrics are not suitable for textile DIY.

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