Diamond Painting Lamps

Did you know that you can also very easily decorate your own lamp with the diamond painting technique? At Crafts & Co we have fun DIY kits that allow you to turn a simple Plexiglas plate into a beautiful LED lamp! Read more

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How do you make your own diamond painting LED lamp?

The ready-made craft kits make it easy and fun to make your own objects. In the category diamond painting, Crafts & Co has several possibilities. One of them is the diamond painting LED lamp. Everything you need is in the package. What you need to do is as simple as it is entertaining. You take the plexiglass plate where the colours are numbered in specific boxes. These numbers correspond to the colours of the bricks that you also find in the pack. So it is just a matter of finding the right stone, sticking it on your pen and decorating! Because the Plexiglas plate has already been cut out in the shape of a cat, unicorn, heart, moon and wolf, a lively creation is born!

Why is it so much fun to make your own lamp?

Of course, hobby projects do not always have to be functional. It can also be 'just' fun to get to work with paint, pieces of fabric, yarn or aluminium wire and see what happens. Sometimes even the most extraordinary creations arise when you let your imagination run wild and improvise. But it can also be fun to have a clear goal. To know in advance exactly what you are going to make and what it is going to be used for. This is exactly the case when you make your own diamond painting LED lamp. You're creatively busy with diamond painting, but you also know that afterwards you're going to enjoy what you've made for a very long time! What's more, you can always move it around when you feel like something new. From your bedside table to the bathroom, from the windowsill to the attic... Renewing your home doesn't have to be difficult!

What other diamond painting accessories and tools are there?

Crafts & Co has a wide range of diamond painting products. You can nicely combine the DIY lamp with another treat for yourself: a beautiful diamond painting storage box for example! There are also other fun applications of diamond painting. Take a look at the diamond painting canvases and clocks in our assortment for example!


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