In this blog, we will explore 5 uses of the Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad, showing the versatility of this fun hobby tool in different activities. Because besides overlaying photos, sketches, tattoo designs and architecture/construction drawings, you can do much more with this modern lightpad!

Whether you are a beginning artist, a DIYer or an experienced hobbyist, this versatile light board can be a gamechanger for all your projects.


5 Applications for the Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad

1. Handlettering

The Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad is fantastic for calligraphy enthusiasts and anyone looking to improve their handlettering skills.

Its even lighting makes it incredibly easy to trace letters, practise different fonts and perfect your calligraphy strokes.

5 Applications for the Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad


2. Diamond painting

The A3 Lightpad helps with diamond painting, especially if you want to work at night!

This modern form of a lightpad offers a well-lit surface. So you can easily distinguish between the small diamonds and their corresponding squares on your canvas.

5 Applications for the Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad


3. Embroidery designs

You can use the Lightpad to easily transfer intricate embroidery designs onto your fabric.

Place your design template on the Lightpad, position your fabric over it and trace the design onto the fabric.

This will ensure your stitches are accurate later and your embroidery projects will be beautiful.

5 Applications for the Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad


4. Vinyl

If you enjoy crafting with vinyl, such as creating custom stickers, decals or heat transfer designs, the Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad is a valuable addition to your toolset. You can use it to accurately peel vinyl so your designs are flawless.

The backlight helps you detect any imperfections or air bubbles, allowing you to make adjustments before applying the vinyl to your chosen surface.

5 Applications for the Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad


5. Personalise clothes

Personalising clothes has never been easier. With the Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad, you can easily and accurately create and transfer intricate designs onto your garments.

You can trace, design and transfer your ideas onto fabric, making your clothes look stylish.

The Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad is a versatile and indispensable tool for artists and crafters. Its ability to provide even lighting makes it perfect for a wide range of creative activities. From calligraphy and diamond painting to embroidery, vinyl crafts and clothing persionalising. So don't hesitate to add the Crafts&Co A3 Lightpad to your toolset.

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