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People naturally like symmetry, tranquillity and tidiness. At least, most of us do... Do you recognise yourself in this? Then chances are you already start itching when your paint pots are not in the right order and your yarn is tangled. Luckily, you can save yourself a lot of frustration by getting a nice storage box for all your hobby stuff. Read more

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Structure in your hobby stuff

Nothing is more satisfying than a bookcase with books sorted by colour and alphabet. Or a wardrobe where, because of its own structure, you can still find that one dress with your eyes closed. Or a desk where everything is neatly in its place and neatly arranged. For many, a tidy house is a tidy head. And since many hobbyists have quite a collection of things, a bit of structure is no luxury. After all, it is nice to be able to blindly rummage through your hobby stuff and immediately find the right product. Much better than a room full of clutter where you stumble over your Wire Jig while a piece of aluminium wire is wrapped around your ankle...

What is the best way to organise your hobby items?

If you work a lot with different materials and have many different colours, it can be great to be able to sort them by colour or type of material. Of course, even without a structure you will eventually find that one jar you were looking for, but all those searches are a waste of time. So make sure you create a system. It doesn't have to be a logical system that everyone understands, as long as it makes sense to you! It's your stuff, after all.

What kind of storage boxes are there for your hobby stuff?

At Crafts & Co we have two different kinds of storage boxes for your craft supplies. First of all, there is a beautiful storage box for all your diamond painting tools. We think this is an indispensable accessory for anyone who is seriously into diamond painting. This storage box holds no less than 60 pots of diamond painting stones. For all your other necessities there are pockets and neatly arranged and the box is nice and big. We also have a tie dye kit with a storage box. This extensive tie-dye kit consists of a storage box with 15 different colours and 120 rubber bands for the most colourful tie-dye works of art.

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