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If you are going to make cards yourself, it is a good idea to buy the highest quality materials. That does not have to be expensive at all! At Crafts & Co we have selected the most beautiful and sophisticated materials for you. For a nice price, you can have them at your home within a few working days. Read more

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What materials do you need to make cards? 

When it comes to making greetings cards, you can do as much as you like. One thing is certain: you will need a large piece of cardboard or thick paper. After all, without cardboard or paper, there is no card. You will also need material to write on your card or draw something on it. If you want to do that really well, we at Crafts & Co have the high quality Copic Markers for you. These are high-quality markers that are popular among professional illustrators. The markers have a 'normal' tip and a somewhat wider, so-called 'brush' tip. This allows you to write refined texts as well as make drawings with a more luxurious look. 

How do you make special cards? 

Do you really want to turn your cards into works of art? Then you might want to try the Multi Scoring Board. And no, this has nothing to do with the scoreboard on the sports field. Scoring' stands for making a slight indentation in paper, so that you can fold it easily and tightly in a straight line. Using this tool as an assistant, you can easily fold gift boxes, envelopes and special original card shapes. You can also use this tool to add relief to cards. This gives a great effect, for example when you add a flower pattern to the front of your card! Want to bet that no one else will send birthday cards like you? 

5 Tips for making your own cards 

Don't lose yourself in dozens of techniques. It will quickly become overkill. Before you start, choose 1 or 2 techniques and the accompanying materials and/or tools and get to work. 

Don't spend too much money! Making cards is not that expensive and if you choose smartly, you won't spend too much money on it. 

Make each card slightly different for that special, personal effect. 

Have you made a design yourself? Try out your creation on cheaper paper first, instead of working 'for real'. Mistakes can easily be made. 

Search the internet for examples. Many hobbyists have gone before you and have written down the most useful tips and tricks in blogs. 


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