You can make life as fun and colourful as you like. So yes, a black and white standard euro clock will do. As long as it has hands, right? But will it upgrade your interior? We doubt it. That's why we launched the Crafts & Co DIY Diamond Painting clock. Read more

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How do you make your own diamond painting clock?

Don't worry: you won't have to fiddle with hands or complicated mechanisms. We have already done that work for you. If you choose for the Crafts & Co DIY-package to make a diamond painting clock, only the fun part is left! And that is not very difficult. The image on the clock is already pre-printed and numbered. The numbers in the boxes are the same as the numbers on the bags with stones you receive. You sort the stones, find the right colours for the right boxes and start diamond-painting! When you're done, just press the hands into place and you can hang up the clock. The image is already attached to the clock and you don't have to tinker with it afterwards.

What are diamond painting stones made of?

Diamond painting stones are made of synthetic material. This solid plastic should not be confused with 'weaker' plastic. The Crafts & Co diamond painting stones are robust and this material can take a beating. The stones have a diameter of 2.5 mm and therefore fit perfectly on the tip of the pen.

What is the best way to store your diamond painting?

All your stones and accessories are best stored in the Crafts & Co diamond painting storage box. This storage box has lots of compartments where you can tidy up all your separate tools and stones. Special projects, such as the LED lamp and the clock, are best kept on a flat surface where as few people as possible walk by. For example, you can put it under the table or the couch or keep it in a separate room. It is best to roll up a canvas. That is not dangerous for the stones. The wax dries quickly and stones will not easily come loose, even if you roll it up again.

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