DIY Doll Houses

Whether you are 6 years old or 96, making a miniature house is one of the most fun and popular crafting hobbies out there today. It is the magic of that small, recreated world that does it for you. You can totally lose yourself in it and the details put into miniatures are often stunning. At Crafts&Co, we have fully immersed ourselves in this and so you will find new miniature kits in our shop regularly!

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Why are miniature houses so much fun?

You can create your own mini-world and recreate the most detailed scenarios in it. Miniatures come in all shapes and sizes and in all colours and shapes. For young and old, boy or girl, man or woman: miniatures are fun for everyone. Every door, every room, every accessory has its own function and is made with tremendous accuracy. A miniature house can be inhabited by human dolls, but also by animals or fantasy creatures: it's all up to you.

Can you make your own miniature for your (grand)child?

What could be more fun than making your own miniature for your child's or grandchild's birthday? You will need: plenty of wood, tools, glue, sandpaper, paint and materials to make the accessories and dolls yourself if necessary. If that's too much fiddling for you, you can of course buy them ready-made. The great thing about making your own miniature is that you can choose the style yourself. What will suit the person who gets your miniature house? What does he or she like? A more personal gift is hard to come by!

Are there any miniature building kits?

Those are absolutely available at Crafts & Co too! We have super many miniature house building kits for you. Each miniature has its own style and the details will amaze you! The model building kits contain all the materials and tools you need to assemble the doll's house. Some kits even include a music box! Of course, you can expand the kits to your heart's content with other materials and accessories, whether homemade or not.


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