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Tie dye is back! Everyone knows this trend. You immediately associate a garment with tie dye patterns with cheerfulness, festivals and parties and being outside! The good news: it is very easy to tie-dye a garment yourself. Try it once! Read more

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What is tie dying? 

Tie dying is a special technique with which you dye garments, but also other pieces of textile, in a specific way. You do this by first knotting the garment in a specific way. For example, you twist, wring and knot a t-shirt into a waffle and secure it with several rubber bands. That may sound a bit crazy, but fortunately the Crafts & Co products always come with an inspiration/instruction booklet with example patterns. Once these are secured, the tie-dyeing can begin. Fill the paint bottles with water and shake well, so that the paint is easy to apply. Cover the garment completely with paint and wrap it in plastic foil. After 6 to 8 minutes, remove the foil, rinse the paint out and put the garment in the washing machine. The result is immediately visible, hello unique homemade shirt! 

Can tie dye garments be put in the washing machine? 

It is wise to wash a tie-dyed garment separately a few times first. The dye is of course permanent, and if it gets on other garments, it will not come off. There is also a chance that the dye will rub off a little during the first few washes. So wash separately first, then the coast is clear and you can safely put your cheerful tie dye clothes in the regular coloured laundry. 

Handy tips for tie dying 

As mentioned before: the tie dye can be stubborn. So when you get started, make sure you cover the surface you're working on with foil, an old towel or something else that can be thrown away afterwards. You don't want to get tie-dye on your table or wooden floor. Also useful to know: you can play around with the paint a little to change the intensity of the colours. Firstly, by applying more or less paint, of course, but also by removing some pigment from the paint bottle and adding a little more water. 


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