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If you are a true creative person, sometimes nothing can make you happier than opening your very own scrapbook or bullet journal. It is very satisfying to build such a book from scratch and fully personalise it with your own texts, drawings and decorations. The right accessories really complete the picture. Take a look at Crafts & Co! Read more

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How do you start a scrapbook or bullet journal? 

That is actually different for everyone. Where one just starts and sees where the ship stranded, the other has really a clear plan in advance and a little structure is needed. If you do want to have an idea in advance of the layout of your scrapbook or bullet journal, you can always make a rough sketch. If you do, it will also be easier to determine which materials, tools and accessories you will need. Then you can focus your shopping and you might be able to come up with a whole faster. Online is a great place to get inspiration. Many hobbyists have gone before you and published examples of their scrapbooks and bullet journals online in blogs, articles or vlogs.  

How else can you get inspiration for your scrapbook or bullet journal? 

On Pinterest you can find a lot of examples of scrapbooks and bullet journals. It can be quite complicated to create a scrapbook or bullet journal from a bunch of blank pages and with a rough idea. Seeing examples can give you the push you need to get started. And don't be afraid to make mistakes! A scrapbook or bullet journal does not have to be perfect, that is the charm of it. It is a personal book in which you can let your creativity run free and in which actually everything is possible. Not satisfied with that one thoughtless drawing in the corner? Try to add a stamp or write a thought process next to it, you will see that you do not even notice it anymore.  

What accessories are there for scrapbooking and journaling? 

We have several accessories for scrapbooking and journaling at Crafts & Co that are both fun and useful. We have a handy set of tabs: ideal to distinguish different categories in your book, but at the same time they give a nice effect because of their cheerful colours. In addition, we have all kinds of different planner discs that you can use to keep pages together. No boring metal rings as we all know them, but cheerful ones in bright colours!  

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