Embossing is a creative decoration technique that does not involve coloured ink, but powder. There are different forms of embossing. Crafts&Co has various products, tools and powders for this hobby. Read more

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What is embossing?

Embossing is a decoration technique that can be applied in different ways. The common denominator: for all embossing applications, you need an embossing pen with special ink, a box of embossing powder and a heat gun. How does it work? You draw or write a creation on paper with the embossing pen that is filled with transparent ink. Then sprinkle embossing powder in one of our 10 colour variations onto the paper. Heat the powder with a Crafts&Co heat gun to melt it and make it stick permanently. And that's it!

What kinds of embossing are there?

Crafts&Co has two different packages to get you started with embossing. The Heat Embossing Starter Kit is ideal if you want to get started with embossing. The package contains a double-sided embossing pen so that you can draw both fine and thick lines. In addition, it comes with a heat gun and three colours of embossing powder, so that you can start working in the 'traditional' way as described above. Crafts&Co also offers another package: the embossing stamp set. With this, you can get started with embossing in another fun way. This set not only contains an embossing pen, but also two stamping pads and no less than 10 fun stamping designs! Ideal if you want to start embossing, but do not have a creative or steady hand. The designs have already been created for you; all you have to do is press the stamps onto your hobby project and sprinkle powder on top.

Unique applications of embossing

You can, of course, emboss all sorts of paper surfaces. Think of the decoration of cards, letters and envelopes. But did you know that the Crafts&Co embossing sets are also suitable for decorating glass, wood, cardboard and ceramics? This way, you can make beautiful vases, drinking glasses, tableware and furniture!


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