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Popular among young and old: diamond painting! What originally started as a hobby where you make your own 'painting' without using paint, has grown into a versatile phenomenon. At Crafts & Co we do not only have pictures to make, but even clocks and LED lamps! Read more

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What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a popular hobby that involves a very precise technique. For diamond painting projects you need several things: diamond painting stones, a container, a piece of wax and a special pen. Depending on your project, you will of course also need a surface on which to work. How it works: Each project, whether it is a canvas, clock or lamp, has numbered squares on the background. These mark the colours that you should use. Find the right square with the right coloured pebble and dip your pen in the wax first. This sticky substance makes it easy to 'prick' a stone to your pen and to place it in the right position. Slowly but surely, a beautiful image will emerge.

Why is diamond painting so much fun?

Diamond painting is suitable for young and old. The hobby is fun for everyone and you can make it as difficult as you want. You do need a steady hand, and placing the stones can be a precise job. But once you get the hang of it, it is a wonderful pastime. It is just a matter of getting the hang of it! Compartment, bit of wax, stone, place! And how nice is it that while you are 'working' you see the result immediately? That's the great thing about diamond painting: you can see the progression from one little stone to the next and even admire a beautiful end result at the end.

What can I do with diamond painting?

Crafts & Co has various diamond painting products on which you can give your all. There are the Crafts & Co diamond painting canvases in puppy, blue butterfly, sunflower, tiger, elephant, leopard, black cat, owl and Japan Sakura. There is also the DIY kit to make your own clock and the diamond painting LED lamps in the variants cat, unicorn, heart, moon and wolf.


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