Do you want to start diamond painting? It is a fantastic and soothing hobby where you stick coloured diamonds onto a letter or number. The end result is a beautiful glittering painting that you can hang or frame. To help you get started, we have put together some tips for you.

1. Easy uncreasing of your diamond painting

Diamond painting canvases are sent rolled up. When opened, your canvas may therefore wrinkle. But don't panic, this is quite normal and fortunately easy to solve.

Therefore, after receiving your canvas, lay it down flat immediately with a weight on it, e.g. heavy books. The wrinkles will disappear like snow in the sun!

2. No wax? Kneadable eraser works too!

A new canvas always comes with a block of wax. Have you run out of wax or lost it by accident? A nice alternative to wax is kneading eraser, as it gives the same result.

Pick up some wax with your diamond painting pen, take the stone, stick it on your canvas and voila!

3. Useful tools

To see the figures and colours better, you can use a special hobby magnifying glass or a Light Pad.

A magnifying glass zooms in on the numbers and a light pad shines light through your canvas. This makes those finicky figures and numbers instantly much clearer to see. Especially if you start working in the evening!

Helpful tips for when creating your diamond painting!

4. A sticking tip

If your pebbles do not stick straight, stick them in zigzag patterns. This gives more space between the pebbles so that the pebbles fit together better.

This works better for larger blocks of the same colour, but is also useful for smaller areas.

5. Put away for a break

Taking a break from diamond painting, but don't want to be bothered by flying stones? All those opened bags of different colours can quickly cause a little havoc in your living or hobby room. Not to mention missing diamond colours when your canvas is almost finished.

With a diamond painting storage box, you can make sure all the stones are neatly stored in tubes so you can get started right away next time.

Helpful tips for when creating your diamond painting!

6. If the stickiness of your canvas wears off

As soon as you feel the stickiness of your canvas decreasing, use baby wipes. You can use them to polish the canvas and make the stones stick again.

7. Best way to remove dust

With a dry toothbrush, you can easily remove dust from between the stones. Use a cloth to remove wax and other residue from the canvas.

8. Finishing touch to your artwork

Are all the stones in place? Then protect your canvas and stones with spray glue or varnish. This will prevent dust from settling on your creation and the stones from becoming dull.

Ps. Did you know you can also hang diamond paintings in your home as paintings?

With these tips, you'll be able to work to perfection! Already found a nice design painting you want to start with?

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