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What is a lightpad?

A lightpad is a modern, thin light box that you use to trace drawings, designs and lettering. This hobby accessory is therefore perfect for anyone who does drawing, designing, photo sketching and hand lettering. Don't have a steady hand or an innate talent for drawing? Then use the lightpad of Crafts & Co to give you a helping hand and to copy lines, figures and symbols easily. But also if you are an experienced draughtsman or designer, the lightpad is ideal. By first making a sketch on scrap paper and placing it in the lightbox, you can easily copy the design definitively without running the risk of making mistakes on your expensive paper.

How does a lightpad or lightbox work?

The glass plate under which you place your sketch is illuminated from below by LED lights. This allows you to see every detail razor-sharp. When you subsequently place a new paper on top, the sketch is still visible and you can easily copy the design. Whether you do it with pencil, pen, marker or brush: it doesn't matter. The lightpad works with a USB cable and adapter.

For which hobby projects is a lightpad suitable?

You can use the lightpad for many different kinds of drawing or painting projects. The Crafts & Co lightpad is useful if you do not want to make mistakes on expensive paper. But also if you are making a painting for which you have made a first sketch, the lightpad is perfect. By putting the sketch in the lightpad and then painting over it, you prevent pencil lines from being visible on your creation. The lightpad is also suitable for decorating textiles, such as t-shirts. Simply stretch the textile over the plate and paint over it!

Unique tip for using lightpad

Looking for something completely new for your next hobby project? Then try combining the lightpad with your camera! For example, place a beautiful flower, dried or otherwise, in the light box and see what the effect does on the image. You will see that the LED lighting gives a nice effect from below and that you can photograph the flower beautifully.

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