Are you crazy about model building and looking for an exciting and unusual craft project? Crafts&Co's wooden construction kits for adults and children are ideal for those who love challenges!

These kits contain everything you need, including step-by-step instructions. Whether you are already experienced with wooden puzzles or trying it for the first time, these simple steps will guide you in creating beautiful wooden puzzles.

Simple guide to making wooden building kits


1. Organised Workspace:

Start by setting up a well-organised workspace where you have enough space to put down wooden boards, tools and instructions. This will prevent chaos and make it easier to work.

Simple guide to making wooden building kits


2. Smooth Finish:

Take the time to use sandpaper and a knife to smooth any rough edges or protruding pieces.

This will ensure that the puzzle pieces fit together neatly and have a professional look.

Simple guide to making wooden building kits


3. Moving Parts:

Building kits such as the Robot or Vintage clock include moving parts. Gears, time indicators, you name it!

Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you wax each moving part, such as the gears for example, with the wax block provided to reduce friction and prevent damage to the motor.

Simple guide to making wooden building kits


4. Precise Fit:

If some pieces fit together too tightly or are just too loose, use careful sandpaper to adjust them slightly.

For loose pieces, a little glue can help make them firmer.

Simple guide to making wooden building kits


5. Correct Posture and Lighting:

Remember to check your posture from time to time and ensure adequate lighting while working. This minimises physical discomfort and reduces strain on your eyes.

Simple guide to making wooden building kits


6. A Personal Touch:

Consider giving your completed wooden puzzle a personal twist by painting it. Choose colours that suit your style and turn your construction set into a unique work of art.

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