Ah, Valentine's Day! That one day in the year when we collectively show our love with chocolate, flowers, and... creative gifts? Yes, really. This year, we're skipping the clichés and opting for something unique, something that really shows how much we care about that special someone. And no, we're not talking about a homemade macaroni necklace (unless that's your kind of romance, of course). Whether you are a man who wants to surprise his lady with the perfect gift, or a woman who wants to amaze her partner with a homemade work of art, we have a few ideas that are guaranteed to take you out of the 'standard gift zone'.

1. Sewing machine for Beginners

Men, this is not just any gift. This is the gift that says, "We believe in your Pinterest dreams." And women, imagine all the things you can make for your husband. A pillowcase with a picture of your face? A bit quirky, but hey, it's the gesture that counts, right?

2. Mini Pocket Printer

For her: because everything we do together is worth printing instantly. And for the creative women among us, use this little printer to print love letters, coupons for 'cuddle time', or a 'why we love you' photo book. Who needs WhatsApp when you have this?

3. A3 Light Pad

Perfect for the drawing enthusiasts among us. Men, this is how you give subtle hints about your expectation of handmade art. And women, this is your chance to show him how beautifully his face comes across in a luminous portrait. Or a sketch of his favourite beer bottle, whatever you like.

4. Electric Engraving Pen

For her, because everything is more personal with an engraving. And for the handy women, this is your chance to... well, engrave pretty much anything. "Stolen from [your name]" on his tools? A classic.

5. Etching Cream

Another DIY dream. For her, so she can make (or ruin, depending on her artistic skills) unique glassware. Women, maybe a beer mug with your date on it? Or just "Don't Touch" - always effective.

See? Valentine's Day doesn't have to revolve around the standard gifts we find in every shop. With a little creativity and these gadgets, we can make or give something really special.

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