Epoxy Resin Coaster making kit

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Get ready to unleash your creativity with this super fun DIY epoxy resin coaster making kit! With everything you need included, making your own unique and beautiful coasters has never been easier or more fun. Totally perfect to really upgrade your home decor. Read more
  • Create unique coasters
  • Complete kit to make epoxy resin coasters
  • 2 different dyes
  • Personalize your interior
  • Suitable for beginners

Product description: Epoxy Resin Coaster making kit

DIY kit to make fun and unique coasters from epoxy resin. Suitable for beginners and experts. Why settle for boring coasters when you can create your own unique designs? Experience the fun of crafting while upgrading your interior at the same time!


Coasters might not be at the top of your list when you think of renewing or upgrading your interior. But how chic is it when you can serve your guests a cup of coffee on a homemade epoxy resin masterpiece? If you create them yourself with epoxy resin and all possible colors and effects, these coasters are truly an eyecatcher!

Complete kit

Thanks to this DIY Kit you don't have to reinvent the wheel yourself: a child can do the laundry. This kit includes everything you need including clear instructions. So you can get started right away, and it's a lot of fun too.

Magic concoction

Epoxy resin is like magic! When you mix two special components called resin and hardener, it creates a super-strong material that can be used for all sorts of amazing things. With this magical material, you can create shiny floors, beautiful jewelry and even cool sculptures. The possibilities are endless!

2 different colors

This DIY kit includes two different colors of pigment, so your coasters can be transformed into vibrant, eye-catching works of art. Create beautiful combinations with the 2 colors:

  • Blue (indigo)
  • Purple (violet)

Choose between a bold half-and-half design or a softer, more subtle tie-dye effect. The amount of dye you add is entirely up to you. Whether you're a fan of bold and bright shades or prefer a more subtle look, you can adjust the color to perfectly match your style.

Original ideas for epoxy resin coasters

But there are many, many more options to personalize your coasters. Besides pigment, you can also work with many other components. For example, try mixing some Colored glitter with the resin! This is a very easy addition with shimmering results!

Or if you really want to take things up a notch, you can infuse things. Think of a dried flower or maybe your favorite photo, incorporate it into a coaster! First pour a thin layer of resin into the mold, carefully place the dried flower or photo on top, then fill the mold completely with the resin mixture. An easy modification with a super cute result.

In the package

  • Gloves
  • Mixing spatulas
  • 50 ml Epoxy resin
  • 50 ml Epoxy hardener
  • 2 x pigment 5 ml
  • mold
  • 3 x Measuring cups
  • Instructions manual

Product specifications

Article code
Blue, Purple
measuring cup 2x 30 ml
Mixing cup 50 ml
mould 45 ml
Step-by-step Tutorial DIY Epoxy Resin Coasters

Step 1 to make the most beautiful coasters:

Pour the right amount of epoxy resin into a measuring cup.

Step-by-step plan DIY Epoxy Coasters

Step 2:

Also pour the right amount of epoxy hardener into another measuring cup.

Step-by-step plan DIY Epoxy Coasters

Step 3:

Pour both measuring cups into the mixing cup.

Try to pour the units together slowly so that no air bubbles form!

Step-by-step plan DIY Epoxy Coasters

Step 4:

Stir the mixture gently and thoroughly until a clear unit forms without air bubbles.

Step-by-step plan DIY Epoxy Coasters

Step 5:

Add drops of pigment until a beautiful colour appears exactly the way you want it!

Step-by-step plan DIY Epoxy Coasters

Step 6:

Slowly pour the mixture into the mould.

Again, be careful not to create any air bubbles.

Step-by-step plan DIY Epoxy Coasters

Step 7:

Let the epoxy resin cure for 72 hours and be surprised by the result!

Frequently asked questions about Epoxy Resin Coaster making kit

If you don't make your coasters too thick, you can make up to 4 coasters from this kit! Our recommendation is to pour 25 ml of mixture into the mold per coaster.

For successful results, you should mix both components 1 to 1. This means mixing 10 ml of resin with 10 ml of hardener.

You can prevent air bubbles with the following tips: stir the mixture slowly, pour the mixture slowly and from not too high in the mold.

After opening the bottle of resin and hardener, you can store it for 6 months. Place it in a dry and cool place.

Yes, an incorrect ratio of epoxy resin can cause irritation when touched. Use the gloves provided, and make sure the room where you will be tinkering is well ventilated!

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Epoxy Resin Coaster making kit


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