Hot Glue Gun

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This glue gun with stand is indispensable at home and in your craft room. With this handy crafting wonder, you glue everything together in no time. The glue cartridges are fed into the back of the device and with each pull of the trigger, part of the glue cartridge is melted. This melted glue is easy to spread and dries within seconds. Read more
  • Complete package with glue gun and glue sticks
  • Versatile use
  • Incl. 3 glue cartridges
  • With stand
  • Operates on USB-A

Product description: Hot Glue Gun

The glue gun is of course known for how handy and easy it is to glue things securely in seconds. This tool has a tip that gets hot, so the glue cartridges melt quickly and you can spread the glue where it is needed. Shortly after melting, the glue also solidifies again, so you don't have to wait all day for glue to dry!

Glue gun as an indispensable tool for all your hobby projects

A glue gun is so versatile, you probably can't even think of everything possible!

So let us give you some inspiration:

  1. Craft projects: Use a glue gun to quickly and securely attach materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric, and wood in craft projects.
  2. Decoration: Create unique decorations for special occasions or seasons. Think about making Christmas decorations, party decorations or other craft decorations.
  3. Repairs: For quick repairs to household items such as broken toys, broken shoes or small wooden objects.
  4. Textile work: Attach fabrics, ribbons or lace to garments or create simple textile projects without needle and thread.
  5. Jewellery making: Use the glue gun to attach beads, stones or other decorative elements to jewellery pieces.
  6. Model making : For attaching small parts and quickly assembling models or prototypes.
  7. DIY projects: Make furniture pieces, decorative items or other DIY projects that require strong, fast adhesion.
  8. Craft flower arrangements: For assembling artificial flowers or attaching petals to stems when making artificial flower arrangements.
  9. Card making: Add dimension to homemade cards by securing elements such as ribbons, buttons or small objects with a glue gun.
  10. Temporary fixings: For situations where you want to attach something temporarily without permanent damage, such as securing decorations on walls.
  11. School projects: Useful for quickly attaching materials for school projects, dioramas, and presentations.
  12. Upholstery : Repair small tears in fabric or attach fabric to furniture using a glue gun.

With handy stand

This glue gun has a stand. Use this stand to keep the hot tip and glue off your work surface and prevent glue from accumulating on the spray tip.

Maintenance as simple as tying laces

Working with a glue gun is simple, you heat up the device, insert the cartridge into the holder and you can start gluing. But what about maintenance?

We are happy to tell you that maintenance is also super simple.

  • After use, pull the plug out of the socket and let it cool down again
  • Give the glue gun one hour to make sure it has cooled down properly
  • After this, you can use a blunt object to scrape the glue residue off the spray tip

In the package

  • 1x Glue gun with stand
  • 3x Glue cartridge (7mm*100mm)

Product specifications

Article code
Maximum temperature
DC 5V 1A
Cable length
100 cm
14 x 13 x 3.6 cm
140 g

Glue sticks 7 mm for glue guns 30pcs

Need a refill? Then you are of course very welcome with us!

This package with refills for your glue gun contains 30 glue sticks of 7 mm x 15 cm, that's a lot of glue!

And for those who like a bit of glamour, there are also glue sticks in silver and gold in addition to your standard transparent refills.

Frequently asked questions about Hot Glue Gun

No. The heat element is built into the glue gun. So, when using the glue gun as intended, it will not feel hot in your hands.

Be careful with the small spray tip, of course. This is the only visible object that does get hot.

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9,0 2 Reviews
    • Suuuuuuuper handig

      "Ik heb binnenkort surprise met vriendinnen en dit lijmpistool gaat sooowieso helpen!"

      Karina - 18-12-2023

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      "Ik ben heel tevreden met deze aankoop altijd handig om in huis te hebben zo'n glue gun"

      marcerl - 15-12-2023

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Hot Glue Gun


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