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Silkscreen Stencil - Mandala Print

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With a screen print stencil you have extra options for brightening up any piece of clothing, furniture or glass. These screen printing stencils are great if you can't get enough of screen printing with the DIY screen printing paint kit. There are 5 different refreshing options: the Botanical Print, Geographical Print, Happy Text, Cute Text and the Mandala Print. Choose your favourites or go for the best deal, the entire 5 stencils package. Read more
  • Choose your favourites from the 5 options or choose the whole package
  • Suitable for wood, plastic, glass, canvas and textiles
  • Perfect for the DIY screen printing kit
  • Reusable and washable stencils

Product description: Silkscreen Stencil

Screen printing stencils are easier to use than a screen printing frame. Choose your favourites from the 5 options or go for the best deal: the entire 5 stencils package!

Screen printing frame or screen printing stencil?

Screen printing is an old traditional technique that is loved by many creatives. The technique originated in Japan, where silk and textiles were printed using various stencils. The original technique started with the use of a screen printing frame. Ink is pressed through very fine mesh with permeable areas. This creates an image on the substrate to which screen printing is applied. This original technique gives a beautiful result, but is very complex and requires quite a lot of practice. Screen printing stencils work much easier!

How the silk-screen stencil works

By using screen print stencils, you achieve the same result in a less complicated way. You will need: paint containers, adhesive stencils and a spatula.

Start right away with the DIY Silkscreen Paint Kit. How it works: you stick a stencil with a design on the surface you want to screen print. Think for example of your new favourite T-shirt, a clog or a sleeping bag. The adhesive ensures that the stencil fits closely to the substrate and leaves no space. This prevents paint from running under your design. Spread the paint with the spatula evenly over the stencil and wait until it dries. Then gently remove it and Voilà!

Step-by-step plan:

1. Place an adhesive stencil on the surface you wish to decorate
2. Spread the paint evenly over the stencil with the spatula
3. Wait until the paint has dried
4. Carefully remove the stencil and admire the result!

Screen printing inspiration

Looking for inspiration? We have a few tips for you! For example, have you ever thought about a screen print on:

  • Storage jars
  • Coasters
  • Curtains
  • Birthday cards
  • Wooden side table

In the package

  • Silkscreen Stencil(s)
  • or Silkscreen Stencils Package

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Not quite yet! What you still need is a paint, something to spread the paint with like a spatula and of course the item you want to upgrade!

Are you looking for the whole package? Find the Crafts&Co Silkscreen kit here.

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Silkscreen Stencil - Mandala Print

Recommended price 14,99
Recommended price 14,99

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