Did you know that there are endless options when you get started with an airbrush? In this blog, we will tell you more about the painting technique and what you can use your airbrush gun for!

What is airbrushing?

Airbrushing is a painting technique in which an air-powered pen sprays a mist of paint onto a surface. The advantage of an airbrush is that it has a nice even effect without streaks and you can work very detailed.


For detail in illustrations on canvas, bodywork, walls or any other surface, an airbrush is the perfect tool. Its precision allows artists to work realistically. And nice to know is that in the old days, before the digital age, the paint technique was used to retouch photos and to remove blemishes for pictures that were placed in magazines. This was used to remove people, change backgrounds or hide things that were bothering them. The analogue form of photoshop!

Airbrush and model building

Building models involves a lot of precision work. Fortunately, the airbrush set is made to help with this precision work. The effect of airbrushing in model making is much nicer than with a brush. In addition, the details are beautifully preserved because you work layer by layer.

Body & face painting

Well known ways of airbrushing are the art of body painting and face painting. Bodypainting has grown into a worthy art form for which events are given. And completely rightly so! The works of art on bodies are beautiful. Facepainting or make-up is the painting of just the face and popular with children, where the tool is also increasingly being used to transform the children into animals or their favourite superhero.

Airbrush your treats

The most delicious way to airbrush is for decorating cakes. Make a true work of art out of your cake or cupcakes. Again, your options are endless. Hold the gun close to make dots, hold it far away to colour large areas. It is also very handy with a stencil. Spray a nice pattern on your cake in no time! Please note that when you use the airbrush for cake decorating you do use edible colouring. If you plan to use the set for multiple purposes, use different airbrush guns and hoses.


The airbrush set is also very good for applying make-up. Do you have a special occasion where your make-up needs to last? Airbrushing is the way! We have listed all the benefits of applying make-up with an airbrush here. Another form of airbrushing that fits in this list is spray tan, where you fill a large airbrush with a liquid self-tanner that you can spray all over your body for an even tan.

Share your creation

Want to buy an airbrush to do one of these painting jobs? Check out what we have in the shop! Of course, we are very curious to see what kind of creations you have made! Send in your most beautiful creation and we will gladly share your project with all our followers on Crafts&Co.eu, Instagram and Facebook!

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