Tie dye is back! A trend from the hippy era that we love to see back. The great thing about tie dye is that you are completely in control of your creativity. We love it at Crafts & Co. And that is why we could not stay behind on this trend. Do you want to get started with tie dye? Read our tips and have fun!

Getting started with the tie-dye of a T-shirt

First make a choice: are you going for pastel or rainbow shades? Make sure you have a white T-shirt made of 100% cotton, as the paint will react best on it. You will also get the best results after washing.

Before you start tie-dyeing a T-shirt

All supplies are included in the kit. Make sure you have old clothes on or protect your clothes with an apron, as the paint can splatter here and there. Also cover your surroundings, so if you are working at the table, put a plastic tablecloth over the table. Fill the enclosed bottles with water. Do you want very bright colours? Then use all the pigment in the bottle. Do you want pastel colours? Then take some pigment out of the bottle for less intense colours.

Choose your tie dye pattern

The nice thing about tie dye is that you can make different tie dye patterns. In our tie dye kit is an inspiration booklet with different patterns. We will explain the standard swirl pattern here. Roll up the T-shirt and secure it with the rubber bands so that you get a kind of pattern of a cake cut into points. Then you spray the colours you want on all the points. Don't forget to colour the back!

Let the tie dye soak in

When you have applied all the colours to your T-shirt, wrap it in plastic film. This way the paint can penetrate well. Then let the T-shirt rest in the foil for 6 to 8 hours.

Moment of truth

After 6 to 8 hours you can unwrap your present! Take the shirt out of the foil, remove the rubber bands and rinse it well. Then put it in the washing machine and let it air dry. Now you can rock your homemade tie dye T-shirt!

That's how easy it is to get started with tie dye. It is fast and fun to do. Every tie dye is unique and it is always a surprise how your garment will look in the end. Besides the standard swirl pattern, you can use endless ways to create other tie dye effects. For example, you can work with different figures, such as a heart or dots.


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