Congratulations! You've decided to learn to sew with a sewing machine, or you've just bought your own! This is a great decision because you can let your creativity run wild. Sewing machines can sometimes still be a bit intimidating if you have never used one before. But with a little guidance and practice, sewing with a sewing machine can become a fun and rewarding hobby.

To get you started, we have listed 10 useful tips in this blog post. With these tips, you will soon enjoy working with your sewing machine without frustration!

10 tips for the novice sewer with a sewing machine

1. Be careful with your fingers

It is important to keep your fingers away from the needle while sewing. Sounds logical of course, but we still want to evebn it said. Especially if you are an inexperienced sewer, you may accidentally hit the needle with your fingers, which can be quite painful.

2. Start with a simple project

It is tempting to jump straight into a complicated dress or jacket, but it is better to start with a simple project. That way you get used to the machine and pick up more challenging projects step by step.

With a new sewing machine it is therefore best to start with a piece of 'practice' fabric. Practice with all types of stitches and with the speed of your foot pedal. After that, making a cushion cover or a simple skirt, for example, is a nice first project.

3. Use the right needle

There are different types of needles for different types of fabric. For example, you have needles for denim or stretch fabric. Always use the right needle for the fabric you are working with, otherwise the fabric may be damaged or your sewing machine may not work well.

4. Use the right thread

As with needles, there are different types of thread for different types of fabric. Make sure you find out which thread and thread thickness suits your project!

5. Practice with stitches

The Crafts&Co sewing machine has different types of stitches, such as straight, zigzag and lockstitches. Practice with different stitches and play with the length and width of the stitches to see what effect it has on the fabric.

6. Provide a good workplace

A good workplace is essential for successful sewing. Make sure you have enough light, a stable table and a comfortable chair. This will prevent you from getting tired quickly and allow you to work in peace.

10 tips for the novice sewer with a sewing machine

7. Measure and mark your fabric

Before you start sewing, it is important to measure and mark your fabric properly. Do not cut the fabric until you are sure the measurements are correct. Use special scissors to cut fabric. These scissors are sharp enough to cut fabric without damaging it. Do not use these scissors for other materials as this will reduce their sharpness.

8. Use an iron

It is best to wash new fabrics first, as this will prevent your project from shrinking or the colours from bleeding after it has been put together. Washing also has the advantage that all used chemicals go out of your fabric. When the fabric is dry, you can iron it, but don't use a steam setting. This can cause your fabric to go out of stretch and may cause the seams to mismatch.

9. Use fabric pins

Fabric pins are useful for keeping fabric in place while sewing. This prevents the fabric from shifting and your stitches from not being straight.

10. Make mistakes and learn from them!

Making mistakes while sewing can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it seems like you've done everything right. But the truth is that making mistakes is part of the learning process - and it's not a bad thing! The more you practise your sewing skills, the better you will become at avoiding mistakes in the future. And even if something goes wrong, don't let this discourage you from continuing to sew. Instead, take a step back and see what went wrong so you can learn from your mistake and do better next time.

We hope these tips are useful for novice sewers with a sewing machine. Be patient and keep practising, because practice makes perfect. Good luck and, above all, have fun sewing!

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