Sneaker Textile Paint Starter Kit 6 Colours - Primair

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Colour: Primary colours
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Are you a little fed up with your old trainers and clothes? With this cool trainer and textile paint kit, you can change the colours of your shoes, T-shirts, trousers and other textiles in the blink of an eye. Why go to the shop, when you can just upgrade your own closet? Read more
  • Give old shoes a 2nd life
  • Complete package with paint, brushes and (mixing) pots
  • The set consists of 6 colours of 20 ml, mixing jars and 2 brushes
  • Go for 1 of the 6 colours or mix your own colours
  • Also suitable for textiles

Product description: Sneaker Textile Paint Starter Kit 6 Colours

Show your own unique style

You know the situation, you have enough trainers and clothes (more than enough!) but you secretly want to go shopping, because you want something new. Very understandable, but you can also just upcycle the trainers and clothes that are in your closet!

With this cool trainer and textile paint kit you can paint all your shoes and clothes in new, fresh colours.

With the included brushes you can make your own patterns, letters and numbers on your trainers or clothes. Let the Picasso in you loose!

How does painting with trainer paint work?

  1. Make sure your trainers or clothes are clean, dry and free of dust
  2. Protect your work surface with a plastic sheet, cardboard or placemats
  3. Put on old clothes or an apron
  4. If you are working with a stencil, place it on the right spot of the trainer or textile and stick it in place
  5. If necessary, cover the surrounding textiles to avoid stains
  6. Apply the paint thinly and spread in one direction over the stencil
  7. Repeat, if necessary, until the chosen shapes are well covered
  8. Remove the stencil in one fluent movement
  9. If you are working without a stencil, make sure that the paint is evenly distributed and covers the area well.
  10. Work carefully to avoid any stains
  11. Wash all materials immediately after use with warm soapy water
  12. Allow the paint to dry for at least 30 minutes (at least one hour on leather) before picking up the fabric
  13. Wait 24 hours before washing the fabric

In the package

  • 6 x 20 ml paint
  • 5 x 30 ml plastic mixing jars
  • 2 brushes
  • Manual

Product specifications

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Red, blue, yellow, green, white and black
Mixing cups: 5x 30 ml
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Sneaker Textile Paint Starter Kit 6 Colours - Primair

Recommended price 19,99
Recommended price 19,99

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1990 Reviews
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Helen Lyons - 08-08-2023

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