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Planner Layout - Weekly schedule

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Planner layout: Weekly
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How nice is it to be able to put together your own diary? With the Planner Layout you decide what your diary or planner looks like. You can choose between daily, weekly and monthly layouts. But also whether you want to add task lists, travel schedules or coloured tabs. And if you choose the discount package, you will of course be even cheaper! Read more
  • Determine the layout of your planner or agenda yourself
  • A5 format
  • With punch holes
  • Day, week, month and travel schedule also available together as a discount package

Product description: Planner Layout

Would you like to put together your own diary? Then you can order your daily, weekly, monthly or to-do sheets separately. Do you want them all? Then go for the discount package!

Daily diary

Add these pages to your personalised planner and create an overview easily. You can put anything on this sheet: use it to organise your day, note down to-do lists, remind yourself of important things you shouldn't forget... there's plenty of room on these sheets. A must-have for your planner, because peace in your planner is peace in your mind!

Package contents 'Daily planner

  • 30 x sheets of paper for daily planner

Weekly planner

See at a glance what you have to do in the coming week with this week's overview for your personal planner. This refill will make your planner complete. Thanks to the spacious layout of these sheets, there is plenty of room to note down all your appointments so you will never forget anything again.

Package content 'Weekly planner

  • 30 sheets of paper for weekly planner

Monthly organizer

Keep track of the most important events of the month with this month planner. Ideal for inserting into your personal planner prior to each month's agenda. Write down birthdays, exams, important conversations and other memorable monthly events on these sheets. This refill for your planner enables you to keep a good overview.

Content package 'Monthly planner

  • 30 sheets of paper for the monthly planner

Travel planner

That one little bar on the corner, that unmissable excursion with a specific provider, that restaurant that serves the best tacos... when you're on holiday, you sometimes come across so many hotspots that you forget to write half of them down. That won't happen again with this fun travel planner for your personal planner. These sheets of paper with a playful design offer all the space you need to document your travel discoveries!

Package contents 'Travel planner

  • 30 x sheets of paper for travel arrangements

To do lists

With these handy to-do lists you'll never let anything slip through your fingers again. Whether it's tasks that have to be done in a hurry, important reminders or a shopping list, you can jot them down really quickly on this compact to-do list. Because you can insert them separately into your personal planner, you can keep your agenda section tidy and use these cards for separate notes. Handy!

Package contents 'To do lists

  • 60 task cards

Advantage package

You'll always have your affairs in order when you add this daily, weekly and monthly planner and travel planner to your personal planner! Even the most chaotic people become orderly by using these planners. There is a suitable plan for all your needs: a daily, weekly and monthly plan as well as a plan on which you can write travel tips, reminders and other lists.

Package contents 'Economy pack

  • 30 x sheets of paper for daily planner and lists
  • 30 x sheets of paper for weekly organisation
  • 30 x sheets of paper for month allocation
  • 30 x sheets of paper for travel arrangements

Please note that the task cards are not included in the value pack

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Planner Layout - Weekly schedule

Recommended price 5,99
Recommended price 5,99

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2107 Reviews
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