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One of the better known hobbies is making miniatures or model trains. The most popular example of this: model trains. Who does not know them? The highly detailed trains, the accompanying railway track that you can make as big as you like and the countless accessories that allow you to go as far as you like. We love them at Crafts & Co! Read more

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On what scale are most miniatures built? 

The most common scales for miniatures are 1:12 and 1:24. This does not mean that there are no other scales: they are available in large numbers. From 1:8 to 1:87: everything is possible. The smaller the scale, the more special it is how certain details have been applied to miniature models. You can imagine that it is quite a precision job to fit the laces of a doll in miniature scale, or to reproduce the valve cap of a model car exactly as it looks in real life. For many miniature collectors, this is the charm of the hobby. 

Why is collecting miniatures so much fun? 

When collecting miniatures, a whole new world opens up. The types of miniatures you can collect are vastly different. Scale models of wild animals, aircraft, trains, entire Christmas villages: you name it, it has been recreated in miniatures. The best thing about it is also the most 'risky': because there are so many different variants, you never actually run out of things to collect! It is a sport to bring the miniatures together and to display them nicely. In a showcase for example, or on a special tray. 

What makes model making so much fun? 

Miniatures that you can buy in the shop are great, but for many people it is even more satisfying to make scale models themselves. It requires a lot of concentration and precision to get everything just the way you want it, but that's the fun part. You really start a project and you have to give it your all! The result is definitely worth it, especially if you build a whole collection. 


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