Diamond Painting Canvas Black Cat - 40 x 50 cmDiamond Painting Canvas Black Cat - 40 x 50 cmDiamond Painting Canvas Black Cat - 40 x 50 cmDiamond Painting Canvas Black Cat - 40 x 50 cmDiamond Painting Canvas Black Cat - 40 x 50 cm

Diamond Painting Canvas Black Cat - 40 x 50 cm

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With this Diamond Painting Black Cat Set you get the complete package to start diamond painting right away: Plastic stones, a pen to pick up the stones, a tray and a piece of wax. Read more

Product description: Diamond Painting Canvas Black Cat

Black cats bring bad luck? Fortunately, that's not the case here! With this diamond painting pack you really get your money's worth. The pack contains everything you need such as canvas, stones, bowl, pen and wax to create a cat canvas.

About Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a great trend for creative people. Create the most beautiful works of art and relax in the process! Finding the right colours, picking up the little plastic stones and putting them in the right place.... This is precision work at its best! And the best part is: you will see the beautiful results of your work immediately.

Diamond painting for children and adults

This great value diamond painting package offers really good value for money. The package contains everything you need to get started straight away:

  • Canvas
  • Plastic stones
  • Pen to pick up the stones
  • Tray
  • Piece of wax

The tray is used to store the diamond plastic stones. It can be shaken gently so that all the stones are right side up. The wax is then used to dip the pen so that the pebbles stick easily to the pen. You can then attach the diamonds to your picture!

Step-by-step plan diamond painting

Is this your first time working with diamond painting? Here you will learn how to make the most beautiful diamond paintings step by step:

  1. Open the package, roll out your diamond painting surface and get all the tools ready. Note: Do not remove the protective film. This should be left in its entirety on the design.
  2. You always start in one corner of the canvas. Check which colour codes you need for this piece and fill your shaker with a colour.
  3. Gently shake the stones in the tray so that they are coloured "diamond" side up.
  4. Now prick some wax onto your pencil so that the stones stick well.
  5. Carefully press one or more stones onto the pen.
  6. Put a piece of protective foil aside and stick the little stone with the correct colour code onto the pen. This way you do not have to peel the entire foil off the canvas. This way, no dust will settle on the canvas, the glue will not dry out and the bricks will stick well.
  7. All the bricks stuck to the canvas? Press the bricks on well with a book.

Have fun with your first diamond painting result!

In the package

  • Diamond painting canvas: black cat
  • Plastic tiles
  • Pen
  • Tray
  • piece of wax

Please note: Our Diamond Painting packages are shipped rolled up. Therefore, the canvas may not be flat when it arrives. We recommend that you place something heavy on the canvas 24 hours before starting.

Product specifications

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40 x 50 cm
Package contains canvas, stones, pen, tray and wax
Available in different sizes and designs

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Diamond Painting Canvas Black Cat - 40 x 50 cm



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