Make your Miniature Dollhouse even cosier by creating a magical atmosphere with the right lighting. In this blog, we will explain step by step how to put together the lights for your Miniature Dollhouse.

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How to: Assembling miniature Dollhouse lights

Required Parts:

Before we start, make sure you have collected the following (supplied) parts.

In the package:

  • LED lights
  • Battery holder with switch
  • Sticker sheet

Handy to add:

  • Scissors
  • Batteries (as indicated on the Miniature Dollhouse packaging)
How to: Assembling miniature Dollhouse lights

Step 1: Cut the sticker sheet

Cut the sticker sheet into two equal-sized pieces. You will use these two pieces to firmly connect the LED lights to the battery holder.

How to: Assembling miniature Dollhouse lights

Step 2: Attach the Lights to the Stickers

Take the LED lights and spread the ends (from the side without the light) apart. Carefully remove the protective paper from the back of the stickers. Now press the ends of the lights each onto a sticker. Note: Do not fold the stickers closed yet.

How to: Assembling miniature Dollhouse lights

Step 3: Attach the Battery Holder to the Stickers

Now it's time to complete the circuit and connect the battery holder to the lights.

Grab the battery holder and stick the ends of the wire each to a sticker. Make sure the wire from the lights and the battery holder touch well before wrapping the sticker around it.

This is because without a good connection, no power can be supplied and the lights will not light up.

How to: Assembling miniature Dollhouse lights

Step 4: Insert the batteries

Open the cover of the battery holder. Insert the batteries into the holder. When doing so, pay close attention to the polarity of the batteries: one battery should be with the positive side (+) facing up, and the other with the negative side (-) facing up. Close the cover of the holder.

How to: Assembling miniature Dollhouse lights

Step 5: Turn on the Lights

Now you're ready to turn on your Miniature Dollhouse lights. Flip the switch and watch those lights shine!

Does the light not turn on right away? No worries! Here are some steps to follow:

  • Open the stickers and check that the wires of the lights and battery holder are touching. It may help to twist the wires around each other to ensure a good connection.
  • Try gently adjusting or moving the lights to make sure the wires are touching.
  • If it still doesn't work, check that the batteries are inserted properly and that they still have enough power.

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