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3D&Print Easythreed Nano 3D-Printer3D&Print Easythreed Nano 3D-Printer
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3D printer Easythreed Nano

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The mini 3D printer 'Easythreed Nano' prints cool 3D creations and models. It's the perfect 3D printer to start creating amazing 3D objects. Lightweight, compact and perfect for 3D enthusiasts with limited storage space. What will you make with the Easythreed Nano 3D printer? Read more
  • Print your own ideas
  • Easy to operate
  • Perfect for starting with 3D printing
  • Mini 3D printer, easy to store
  • Light weight and compact size

Product description: 3D printer Easythreed Nano

Want to get started with 3D printing? Download or design your favourite 3D models, enter them and the EasyThreed Nano will bring your creation to life in no time. It is an ideal educational tool and perfect for 3D hobbyists of all ages.

Ideal mini 3D printer for beginners

The Nano can be used for various purposes with 3D-filament. This makes it an excellent entry-level model for beginning 3D printers.

Cheap 3D printer that's easy to operate

More and more 3D hobbyists are choosing the Easythreed Nano as their first 3D machine.

Why? Because this mini 3D printer has an affordable price and can print with incredible quality.

Anyone can print with the Nano

Simply download a 3D model, insert the filament into the tube of the print head and press the print button. Fascinating models appear before your eyes!

3D models you make with this mini printer

The compact and lightweight EasyThreed Nano can not only print models, but also

  • own creative designs
  • game animation characters
  • all kinds of toys
  • gifts
  • and much more!

In the package

  • EasyThreed Nano 3D printer
  • Manual
  • TF card and TF card reader
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • Spatula
  • Filament holder
  • Screwdriver
  • Roll of white PLA filament

Please note

No filament is supplied with the printer. Filament such as PLA on a roll and ABS on a roll can easily be ordered on our site.


3D&Print Easythreed Nano 3D-Printer

Product specifications

Article code
Print technology
118 × 118 × 198 mm
Quantity print head
Print head diameter
0,4 mm
Minimum print thickness
0,05 mm
Maximum print thickness
0,3 mm
Diameter filament
1.75 mm
1 kg
Print connection
TF card, USB cable
Print accuracy
0,1 - 0,2 mm
Heated bed
Slicing software
Max 230C
12v, 60 W
Print speed
10-20 mm/s
Product size
190 × 190 × 220 mm
Suitable filament types
Download manual

Frequently asked questions about 3D printer Easythreed Nano

First, straighten the filament and gently push into the feeding hole at the same time, use the other hand to slide the switch(at the back of printer)to “FEED” gear. Then wait about 1 minute (machine is warming up), release the material when feel the filament is caught by the machine. Then wait another 10 seconds to observe if there has “silk” coming from the machine. Slide the switch to middle gear when more silks come out. Till this time, filament fed successfully. If you operate based on the above steps, but no silks come out from nozzle after waiting for more than 5 minutes, please re-power machine and try again.

There needs to warm up when feed and retract operation, In the normal printing, you only need to choose the model and wait about 1 minute, then printer will start work.

Please pause the printing, then slide the switch to retract gear, use hand to pull up the filament. Precaution: please do this before all the filament goes into the feeding hole or there will be no filament hand can pull up).Then put new filament into the hole and use another hand to slide the switch to feed gear, wait about 10 seconds till the filament come down. Then slide switch to the middle gear and press printing button shortly to resume printing. Please pay special attention that ,after feeding 10 seconds, timely slide switch to the middle gear in avoid that the filament pimple appear in the model.

Yes, it needs to use third party slicing software CURA. Please refer to the above step of point 5.0 Online printing(For experts)

First, slide the switch to the “retract” gear. Filament will retract successfully in the normal situation, If failed, please try to feed first, then retract again .Please Pay special attention that gently pull up the material to help till filament completely get out of the printer.

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9,0 6 Reviews
    • 3D Easythreed Nano : c'est bien pour les débutants (enfants)

      "C'est l'imprimante idéale pour un débutant dans le monde de l'impression 3D, surtout pour les enfants."

      Faouzi - 02-03-2023

    • 3D-Printer Easythreed Nano

      "Een hele mooie apparaat Een super service had per ongeluk de usb geleegd en na 1 mailtje alles snel opgelost."

      petra - 21-12-2022

    • Goede laagdrempilige mini printer

      "Ik vind het wel een fijne 3D printer. Neemt weinig ruimte in en je kunt eenvoudig 3d designs downloaden om mee te beginnen. Nu zelf ook aan het ontwerpen. Dat gaat ook goed."

      K. Koenen - 04-03-2022

    • 3d drucker

      "Alles besten"

      Thomas - 31-12-2021

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3D printer Easythreed Nano

Recommended price 189,99
Recommended price 189,99

Customers rate us 9,0!

1905 Reviews
Opening hours 9,0
  • Fast and secure delivery
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Ordered before 23:00 today, delivered tomorrow!


PAULA REIS - 12-09-2023

Helen Lyons

"Excellent! Hugh quality crafts and incredibly fast delivery. "

Helen Lyons - 08-08-2023

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